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The Ultimate at Home Spa Service Your Feet Will Thank You For

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After all the hard work of the holidays, January is a great time to do some at home pampering. If you are like me and spent a little more than you should on the holidays for the family. You might not want to go spend more money going out to a spa. The FootMate® System is an amazing way to have a little spa relaxation at home that you can enjoy every time you shower or take a bath. Not only will The FootMate® System leave your feet thoroughly cleaned, it also conditions and massages them.

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The FootMate® System features:

• 11,000 bristles contoured to cradle your foot, with dual bristle action to massage and smooth rough skin.
• State-of –the art polymer bristles that give the system durability and longevity.
• Suction cups and phalange on the side to keep it in place while using it.
• Anti-mildew retrieval rope will allow easy lifting of the FootMate from the shower of the bath.

The system includes a Rejuvenating GelTM, it is a natural antiseptic, cleanser and conditioner specially formulated for your feet. The gel features some really nice ingredients like Tea Tree Oil which will help reduce foot odor, disinfects minor cuts, and will aid in good toe and nail health so your feet will look amazing for when open toed shoe season comes back around. The gel also has Aloe Vera that will improve healing and repair of your skin. This Rejuvenating gel will leave your feet feeling soft and supple.


To see a video on The FootMate system click HERE


The combination of the brush and the gel is amazing. The system will do more than just clean your feet and make them feel fabulous by stimulating circulation but it can also help with your overall well being.

Reflexology has always intrigued me and this system will effectively massage your feet and also can affect the body's over all well-being. There is a chart on The FootMate System website that pinpoints the areas on your feet and which part of the body that they effect. It is really interesting! You can read more about this on their website by clicking HERE

Whether you are looking for a product to clean your feet and get rid of dry dead skin, help improve circulation, or if you are just in need of some rest and relaxation I recommend using the FootMate system to give yourself a little at home spa treatment! 

 To read more about The FootMate System visit their website at



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