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Terminate the Foundation Flaking

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What is worse than dry skin?...

Give up?

Flaky makeup on top of dry skin!

I know it isn’t that much fun is it.
If you suffer from this don’t you worry there is a solution.
There isn’t anything wrong with your skin. There are a few steps you may need to do differently to stop the flaking though.
Here we go.

What To Do

Each skin type needs to slightly change their routine, in order to achieve the best results.
Those of us with dry skin need to do things differently, than those with normal or oily skin.
Once you follow the guidelines properly, your makeup will look better than ever!


Before any makeup is applied to the skin, you must make sure it is cleansed, toned, and most importantly moisturized (with products designed for dry skin!!!!)
A huge mistake people make is using products designed for the wrong skin type.
If you have dry skin, and are using a product for oily skin, it is not helping your skin out at all.


Apply your foundation right after your moisturizer is applied.
If your skin is dry, waiting too long to apply foundation, after being moisturized can cause the skin to feel dry all over again.
Those with dry skin know how it feels to wear layers of makeup, on top of skin that feels dry.
Now, your makeup can go onto skin that is as hydrated as possible.
When you apply too much makeup on skin that is very dry, foundation can tend to appear flaky.
The best way to avoid this from happening is to only apply foundation in areas you need it, and where your skin can handle it.
If a certain area of your skin is very dry, it is okay to avoid that area, until it can take makeup being put on it.


Foundation is supposed to make our skin appear flawless and make us feel good.
In order for that to happen we must avoid the flaking!
But the good news is now you know how to do it.
If you experience this or know someone who does now we can put an end to it!



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