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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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LoLade Cosmetics is a diamond in the rough and I am so thrilled to have found out about this brand! Don't get me wrong, I am very brand loyal to certain big name brands, but it makes me feel so invigorated to be able to say I liked a small brands products before they blow up and are used by everyone! 

I am a self proclaimed cosmetics guru and as soon as LoLade Cosmetics came into our office I was the first to check out everything they sent and I picked out the items I have never seen on the market...yet. I also grabbed a few products that are classics, yet amazed me by the twist they seem to have making them feel like something brand new. 

First let me start with the HD Translucent Loose PowderMakeup setting powder has been around forever and I have tried many variations and have found that translucent works and looks the best, it's more natural than having to choose a colored powder. Also, loose powder is much easier to apply and doesn't give you a caked / blotchy look that pressed power does. If you think about it you are basically pressing powder onto your face and your most oily areas will pick up and absorb the powder more than other parts of your face, leaving you looking spotty...ewwww. I also feel that way in general if you have to choose a colored power, just so much more to deal with and it doesn't look as natural and flawless as a translucent. Typically these powders are the consistence of a baby powder, so I was surprised to use the LoLade powder because it was so silky! It flowed out of the sifter with no shaking at all! I used to use a powder brush to apply, but expert celebrity makeup artists Maurice Stein changed my world when he explained to us how to apply loose power. He uses a puff, not any of the little thin ones the products usually come with but a thick 5" diameter powder puff. Shake the loose powder in the center of the puff and fold the puff in half and rub together to absorb the powder. Then reverse the fold to expose the powdered side and rock the puff back and forth over cheek areas, forehead and chin. Then just puff all the other areas of your face. If you have too much powder on your face, you can then take a large powder brush and blend. The LoLade powder sets my makeup flawlessly and naturally, it is my new secret weapon! It even last all touch ups needed at all! I have an oily T-zone and it was never an issue with this powder...even after wearing for nearly 12 hours! 

gorgeous-gray-eyes-with-red-lip-makeup-beauty-valentines-ideas lolade cosmetics

Another classic fave is lip gloss and when I grabbed LoLade's Lip Lacquer in "Cherry On Top" AKA bright red, I assumed it was like any other gloss I have that gives a sheer color with shine....was I wrong! This gloss is highly pigmented to give a brilliant, sexy red color on top on an irresistible shine! I love how it looks like a lip stick but it's not! It doesn't feel dry and it has great lasting power. It also is an all in one so you don't need to apply a lip stick and then is truly glamorous and you will feel like a sexy temptress or an old Hollywood pinup girl with these cherry lips on :) I know red's can be hard to manage but I didn't feel like this wasn't my red and I have a feeling it is pretty universal for many skin tones and looks. Just keep in mind when you do bold lips, don't over do it but doing dramatic bold eye makeup looks! I like to keeps eyes simple with a nude colored eye shadow or simple just line your top lid for that 1920s style. 

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