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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Sila Countless Color Pigments in Groupie 10.1.13 Certified FabulousWhen fall comes around, I really love using my richer, darker, earth toned makeup. There are so many textures and colors to experiment with, but I always make sure I have my basic natural browns as a base for my eye shadow. I recently came across one shadow item that has all the richness and the softness in the browns that I look for - Stila Countless Color Pigments in Groupie. With this shadow, you can create various shades of brown. The browns will blend perfectly with one another since the shadow has them blended into one another. Simply glide your brush across the shadow and you'll have numerous shades of browns for an easy multi-dimensional look. Some of the lighter browns have a gorgeous copper tone that really warms up the look. Stila Countless Pigments in Groupie is available at - you can view more stila products available at by clicking HERE.

Paul and Joe Eye Set Fall Beauty 10.1.13 Certified FabulousNow that I have my basic browns, I can build with rich plums, or perhaps dark eyeliner & thick mascara, or just the base a light coat of mascara for a more natural look - there are so many options to work with depending on the type of day and your mood. But if I'm looking for a more festive eye makeup look, one with just the right amount of sparkle, I turn to the Paul & Joe Eye Color Set. This set comes with three eye colors; cream eye color in a lovely lavender, grey eye color, and an eye color powder in a luminous white. This color set can create a soft smoky eye with a layer of shimmer to really stand out. The powder really catches the light and is a great addition to any eye makeup that needs an extra festive pop! This set would also make a great gift; the packaging & presentation is just so sweet and lovely! 

Crest 3D White Luxe Sensitivity 10.1.13 Certified FabulousWith our basic and festive eyes now taken care of, we want to make sure we have the bright smile to go with it! These next two products are definite basics that you'll want to use everyday. The first - Crest 3D White Luxe Sensitivity toothpaste. I tend to have sensitive teeth. And when you're teeth hurt, it's no fun. So when I saw Crest offered a sensitivity toothpaste, I knew I had to try it. With enamel safe whitening, this toothpaste helps polish and lift away surfaces stain while also building protection from ChapStickHydrationLock Vanilla Creme Fall Beautysensitive tooth pain. I like to use a whitening toothpaste to take care of the day's surface stains, and the sensitivity aspect did help with minor tooth sensitivity, especially near my gums. This toothpaste also
helps prevent cavities when used regularly. A whiter smile is only part of a bright smile, you also need to take care of your lips in order for your bright smile to be complete! ChapStick Hydration Lock gives your lips a rich, soothing, moisturizer that will last 8 hours. It also helps give lips a smoother and fuller appearance, great to use before applying other lipstick. Another aspect I love about ChapStick products in general, is that the product doesn't turn liquid-y when you apply it. Some balms that I have used, seem to thin out and turn liquid-y on my lips, which doesn't last very long, and makes a mess if I try to apply lipstick on top. But the ChapStick Hydration has a rich, fulfilling layer of moisture. So with the cooler weather, this is a fall must have basic! I keep it in my purse at all times!

Botanics All Bright Day Cream Fall BeautyFor Fall Basic skincare, I turned to Boots Botanics. After cleansing my face in the morning, I apply the Botanics Hydrating Day Cream All Bright Sunscreen with Broad Spectrum SPF 15. This day cream brightens and protects your skin while keeping it hydrated for 24 hours. This cream absorbed really well into my skin, and I didn't not have to wait long before applying primer/makeup. It has a nice perfumed scent that is great to get me started in the morning. I'm sometimes hesitant to use a cream in the morning, because I don't want a heavy weighed down, greasy feeling, but this cream was just the right about of richness; not greasy, and feels really light on my skin. Since this cream has SPF, it's a the perfect light cream to apply before heading out into the great outdoors; it will protect and keep your skin hydrated for your activities! Some key ingredients; hyaluronic acid that will help instantly boost your skin moisture levels, and Hibiscus to mildly exfoliate your skin for a smoother and brighter appearance. 

Boots Botanics Mineral Blusher Closed Fall BeautyTo add some warmth to my cheeks, I've been using the Botanics Mineral Blusher in both Coral and Lotus Pink. This superfine mineral powder blusher goes on silky smooth and blends really well into my skin. The smooth, light texture allows you to start with a thin natural-looking blush and build up from there with more color if desired. The active plant extract in this mineral blushes is Ginseng, which helps to revitalize your skin and reduce signs of skin fatigue - added bonus for a blush!

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Stila best of Kitten set is a perfect gift. It comes in the cutest clutch bag, it is gold and sparkly :)  

Great neutral colors which will be good for almost any skin tone.  This set lets you create a number of natural looks, with Stila’s amazing, bestselling shade, Kitten. The highlighter smudge crayon, which I use as an eye liner, is bright and has a light shimmer, it really opens up your eyes. 

The 6 items it Contains:
-  0.08 oz Lip Glaze in Kitten
- 0.11 oz Silk Shimmer Luxe Gloss in Kitten
- 0.04 oz Smudge Crayon in Kitten
- 0.18 oz All Over Shimmer Duo in Kitten
- 0.09 oz Eye Shadow in Kitten
- Gold glitter pouch


I am definitely keeping mine!

To All those who celebrate : Merry Christmas!!!

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