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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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I just love Too Faced; and I love Chocolate. I just had the pleasure of trying their Cocoafilter kit

It has the - Tinted Beauty Balm SPF20, Cocoa Powder Foundation, Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer and Retractable Kabuki Brush

I’ll start with the Cocoa Powder Foundation this is a wonderful lightweight powdery foundation it will leave your skin feeling silky soft with a matte finish. My skin which is normally dry felt wonderful after applying this foundation.

It gave me great coverage not too heavy or too light it was just perfect. Ii used it 2 different ways with the sponge pad encased in the compact and then the kabuki brush. The brush gave me a slightly lighter coverage.

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  • Tina
    Tina says #
    These products all look amazing!
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What is worse than dry skin?...

Give up?

Flaky makeup on top of dry skin!

I know it isn’t that much fun is it.
If you suffer from this don’t you worry there is a solution.
There isn’t anything wrong with your skin. There are a few steps you may need to do differently to stop the flaking though.
Here we go.

What To Do

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It's cold outside, we already turned the clocks back, I finally turned my heat on and I even started wearing my winter coat *cry*! Just because we are layering up our clothing it doesn't mean we have to start (or continue to) layer our makeup.

To me, makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty and hide imperfections so you feel more confident in your skin. I have been using foundation since I started high school and I have had MANY trial and errors with foundations. It's frustrating and crushes my confidence when someone points out that my foundation doesn't match my skin or is not blended in well enough. I am SO thankful for the latest developments in the foundation world and the growing trend of lightening the face load with lighter formulas that still provide coverage! 

I was completely into the BB Cream phase and loved it. When the CC Cream craze started, I honestly didn't understand the hype, nor know what the difference was. All I know is BB means Blemish Balm and CC means Color Correct. My confliction of which to choose is now over since I have tried the new Lumene CC Cream!

The Lumene Color Correcting Cream is a unique 6-in-1 foundation that is light, yet it provides amazing coverage! It spreads evenly, following all contours of the skin and smooths out uneven skin color and redness. After applied, it leaves skin with a semi-matte, flawless and even-looking finish. My skin felt fresh and light, and the CC cream stayed on all day!

Lumene CC cream correcting cream foundation makeup beauty skincare

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  • Heather Gillespie
    Heather Gillespie says #
    Interesting - the only CC Cream I've tried thus far is Rachel K.
  • Jessica
    Jessica says #
    If you try this Lumene one let me know your feedback! I am in love with it
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I am a foundation person, I use it everyday and I have tried many...many varieties! I used to wear really heavy, foundation when I first started experimenting with makeup at 15 and obviously made many mistakes. Throughout the many years after I have learned what types work best for me and my combination skin, my shade and now I tend to go on the lighter, more natural side :) Even if you have bad skin, less is more when it comes to trying to cover up! If you wear thick or heavy foundation and cake it on to cover-up blemishes it will look terribly obvious. Applying one layer to your entire face and then dabbing more on to cover blemishes is also a tragic mistake. It's best to stick to one layer of foundation, smoothe over evenly, then dab concealer on the problem area and keep dabbing in (not rubbing) until you feel it is well covered. Then apply a thin layer of translucent powder to set it. Pat with a large powder puff pad, not a brush. 

I was very pleased when I had the opportunity to review Isomers: Four-Piece Primer & Foundation System! This was unlike any foundation I have tried and even the primer caught me by surprise. I try so many products that is it refreshing to experience something new to me! The kit came beautifully packed from and contained High Definition Primer, It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 1, It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 2, and It's Gorgeous Foundation Shade 3.

High Definition Primer: 

  • New technology for skin perfection.
  • Blends with the skin's natural pigments to build, amplify, and modify the color of the skin.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, superficial ruddiness and pores for a flawless skin.
  • Illuminates / brightens the skin.
  • Decreases the appearance of pores.
  • Decreases the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Provides color correction and neutralization of uneven skin tone.
  • Increases overall skin luminosity.

Isomers foundation kit shopNBC primer high definition its gorgeous beauty face makeup flawlessIt's Gorgeous Foundation (all shades): 

  • Shade 1 makes for an excellent highlighter/concealer
  • Unique color matching foundation system with nourishing elements to help give you a perfect finish while supporting your skin
  • Allows you to match your changing skin tone all year long, in every season
  • Smooth formulation glides on skin and helps keep skin dewy
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, helps smooth the appearance of the skin and helps stimulate and support collagen
  • Gentle and effective alternative to retinol, vitamin C miniature fragment of the skins most abundant protein, collagen stimulates collagen, and glycosaminoglycans
  • Performs as strongly as retinol to reverse the visible signs of aging
  • Acts significantly on skin thickness in the same way as retinol but seems to work faster
  • Helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles by restoring the dermal matrix
  • Considered an alternative to Vitamin C for skin smoothing and anti-wrinkle activity


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Hello Friends and welcome to another Fabulous Friday!  Well here's to the end of my birthday month, not sure I'm ready to say good bye quite yet but I don't think I can stop it either.

03012013 Palladio herbal dual wet dry foundation cypress beige certified fabulous

Have you ever asked yourself, why can't my foundation do more than just cover up my imperfections? Why can't it improve my skin rather than just laying around like a dead beat boyfriend.  Well time to introduce my new find from Palladio Beauty.  Their Dual Wet & Dry foundation is formulated with alpha-hydroxy fruit acids to help with fine lines and zinc -oxide to fight blemishes.  They use a standard clam shell compact with dual chambers; one for the rice based pressed powder and the other for their specially designed sponge to ensure flawless application.  Another bonus about this package is the matte, soft touch finish they've added to the top of the compact.  I love the way the matte looks against the smooth high sheen of the rest of the compact.

03012013 Palladio silk FX all in one herbal eye shadow certified fabulousI also had the opportunity to try out their All-In-One Herbal Eyeshadow palette.  For a girl that carries the world in her purse, there really isn't a whole lot of space in there to add 5 pots of eyeshadow to her magic bag.  With this color palette, Palladio combines 5 amazing colors that you could use in any fashion- depending on the occasion.  If you want to do a smokey eye, it's all there.  If you want to just do a simple dusting, you can do that too.  Even better for the make-up challendged(like me) they call out what color to use and where.  Palladio's shadows are so amazing that when used with a primer, they'll stay on for up to 12 hours!! So with a combination of their foundation and their shadows, you could really look as amazing as you did the night before.

In case you have nothing to celebrate in March, here you go...

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Hey Fabulous readers!  Well here we are again on Friday.  If you have been following all of us this week, we've been talking about the products from Lolade Cosmetics. Lolade Cosmetics creates products with the highest quality in mind.  They too believe that beauty comes from within and their products only enhance your natural beauty.

I had the pleasure of trying their Pro Finish HD Foundation, the Cream Foundation and one of their eye shadows in Jetliner.  The Pro Finish HD Foundation comes in an airless bottle.  I love liquid foundations in airless bottles.  They are so easy to use and dispense just the perfect amount.  You can apply to a sponge and don't have to worry about the product getting all over your fingers and under your nails.  Now for those that aren't familiar with how an airless package works... here's Airless 101.  Basically inside the bottle portion of the package, there is a little piston(think hockey puck) and as your "prime" or pump actuator it creates a vacuum affect and sucks up the piston pushing the product out.  Many times airless packages are used for products that are sensitive to oxygen and if exposed to it will change and possibly spoil.  Ew!

Lolade's choice of compacts for their Cream Foundation is your standard dual chambor compact with room underneath the cream for an applicator sponge.  I do love the large mirror on the lid.  So many times the mirror just isn't big enough for us girls on the go.

I saved my favorite for last.  I know it's not that big of a deal, but I love their eye shadow packaging.  Since we are friends, I can share with you... I'm not the most delicate flower in the field.  In fact, I'm more like a bull in a china shop.  I always say, if John Wayne didn't build it or bless it, it shouldn't be in my house.  This also goes along with my make-up.  ( I know that's a weird visual right? John Wayne makeup- LOL )  But I am constantly dropping, spilling, cracking my make up cases and even the powders themselves.  Let me tell you after the abuse that I give those little pots, eventually the butterfly hinge gives out.  But Lolade's eye shadow's have a screw on lid... personally I love this.  I don't have to worry about breaking the hinge off and snapping off the lid.

Have a great week and stay tooned until next  Friday!

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