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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!
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Congratulations to our winner Bobbie!

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One (1) lucky winner will receive:

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  • kay
    kay says #
    I need this stuff to rase premature fine lines covering my forehead..fingers crossed!
  • Heather Gillespie
    Heather Gillespie says #
    FANTASTIC, Lord knows I need to win this serum! Here are my entries (USA Resident) Tagged on FB:
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Cleansers make a big difference in my skincare routine. If I'm using a cleanser with the right texture, feel & benefits for my skin type, it will show. I recently found that gel cleansers seem to work best for my skin. They are gentle, do not strip my skin of nourishment, and they provide just the right amount of hydration for my skin - cream cleansers tend to be a little too moisturizing. So when I tried the Apothederm Brightening Cleanser, I was pleased to discover that it was a gel cleanser. 

Apothederm Cleanser.Toner 11.3.13 Certified FabulousThis product cleanses, refines, brightens and tones your skin for a renewed and refreshed look. Malic Acid (a natural acid found in certain foods such as apples) & Vitamin C in the cleanser work to loosen dead skin cells for a renewed & hydrated top layer of skin. Cucumber fruit extract moisturizes and gently soothes your skin. This cleanser is gentle, but effective. It's a really nice product to use when you wake up - lightly refreshing, your left with a bright complexion. It lathers well and rinses well, so no residue left behind. The moisturizing properties also prevented my skin from feeling stripped or tight. 

After using the cleanser, I then followed with the Apothederm Clarifying Toner. This toner, also a gentle product, removes daily residue from oil, dirt and makeup. The toner works to refine your skin texture - dual action peptides helps defend & restore. Green tea provides antioxidants, and aloe, cucumber & chamomile calm and soothe your skin. This toner will really help take your dull skin up to a refreshed, bright level. If you're unfamiliar with using toner, simple apply the product to your face and neck with cotton. Do not rise it, instead allow it to dry before applying any other product. Incorporating toner into your skincare routine is a quick step that can really help with your skin surface texture and appearance. When I used the Apothederm Clarifying Toner with the Brightening Cleanser, my skin felt soothed, nourished, thoroughly cleansed & had a refreshed bright glow.  It's not often that my skin feels this soothed without over moisturizing. These are great products to have a staples in your skincare routine. Whether it's summer or winter, toner and cleansers are two products that stay in my skincare routine, so it's important to find the right ones!

After using these two Apothederm products, I definitely recommend you give them a try. Apothederm Skin Care Science uses patented SmartPeptidesTM to target specific skin care problems. By using technology & science this company searches for advanced ways to treat your skin - but what I really appreciate is that they are mindful of what is going on your skin and that is why all of their products are paraben & phthalate free & they do not contain pore-clogging or formaldehyde releasing ingredients.

Be sure to check out all they have to offer at!

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Skin care science is what Apothederm is all about. This is a skincare brand that really means business and strives to get to the root of aging and how to prevent it...or at least slow it down...a lot!

Packed with powerful peptide technology like no other – a new generation of patented, bioactive peptides known as SmartPeptides™ is the key element of what makes it work in this skincare line. The SmartPeptides mimic an amino acid sequences of the skin’s own natural protect and restore functions.

These SmartPeptides are highly precise and work differently because they can target a very specific skin problem, such as:

  • The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Loss of firmness and definition
  • Appearance of darkened areas or general unevenness of skin tone
  • Rough texture
  • Thinning of the skin

Apothederm skin care sceince smartpeptide firming serum certified fabulous

As you all know I am obsessed with serums so it was a no brainer for me to grab the Apothederm Firming Serum as soon as it arrived in the office. A first look at the product interested me because the box has a picture of Collagen magnified 5 times which makes it interesting, weird and cool at the same time, hah. The stats of success also caught my attention as it said that 94% of clinical study participants reported firmer skin in 14 days. 84% reported a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 14 days! Pretty impressive. 

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  • Heather Gillespie
    Heather Gillespie says #
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