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Revamp Your Skin with Oxygen-Rich Blood Serum!

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Despite the name of the particular Circ-Cell's skincare products they in no way contain blood or blood substitute, however, it will provide you with that same oxygen-rich results of healthy skin! 

Circ-Cell is developed by a team of scientists, researchers, and skin care experts and the products are interestingly free of harmful elements, parabens and fragrances. Additionally, they never tested on animals and are environmentally safe!

Okay, so there is no blood in them and they have no bad how does it work? The company thinks that todays beauty culture promotes over-exfoliation and forced cellular turnover, while Circ-Cell believes youthful, radiant skin stems from improving skin density- building skin up, not tearing it down. They use cutting-edge technologies that work in tandem with your body’s innate biology and processes and the balanced chemistry makes skin firm, bright, and resilient. 

"A healthy blood supply is critical in delivering oxygen, purging carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, keeping cells nourished, and maintaining vibrant, healthy skin. As we age, research suggests stagnant circulation leads to thinning collagen and a reduction in elastin fibers - the structural steel of the skin."

The name caught my attention so now it was time to actually try it! I happily took home the Circ-Cell: ABO +|- Blood Serum Face Rejuvenation and the Circ-Cell: ABO +|- Blood Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel to experience them for myself!

CIRC-CELL SKINCARE ABO BLOOD SERUM FACE REJUVENATION certified fabulous review beauty skincare antiaging

Circ-Cell: ABO +|- Blood Serum Face Rejuvenation - A blend of oxygen-rich and collagen-supporting ingredients to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and maintain vibrant, visibly taut skin. Paired with a blend of oxygen-rich ingredients, sea fennel cellulosomes support pigment regulation, hydration, healing, and healthy collagen, resulting in improved radiance and skin density.

As I pumped out the product onto my fingers I noticed how light and silky it felt and it absorbed into my skin easily. My skin felt hydrated right away and  I felt a protective-type barrier on my skin...not greasy or sticky just like a shield I knew was there even though I couldn't see it. The next day when I woke up my skin looked brighter and my skin tone was balanced along with the quality of my skin's moisture! My skin was evenly hydrated and not my usual T-zone oily, dry everywhere else. I looked at myself for a while studying the benefits of one nights use and since then have been happy with the quality of my appearance the more I have used the product consecutively! 

circ-cell-blood-serum rejuventating eye gel certified fabulous review beauty skincare antiaging

Circ-Cell: ABO +|- Blood Serum Rejuvenating Eye Gel - A blend of oxygen-rich ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dark, under-eye circles. 

Yes indeed my eyes were improved! This gel was just as soft and silky as the facial serum and also absorbed nicely into the skin around my eyes. While providing instant moisture the real results were discovered the next day when my eyes didn't look as tired as I felt when I finally got out of bed! My skin was an even tone, not red, blotchy, dark or wrinkled. I was truly amazed since I am not a morning person and I usually have to layer on the brightening makeup to my eyes...I didn't have to do all that extra work! My eyes looked like I had been awake for a while and not sleep deprived, this is my new BFF for sure! It took away any irritated, puffiness my skin usually reveals, especially after only a few hours of sleep on no caffeine yet :) LOVE!

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Keep On Being Beautiful You!

xxoo Jessica


* Compensation for this post was provided by Circ-Cell. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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