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Protecting your Hair from the Summer Sun and Heat

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We have talked a lot recently about protecting your skin from the sun and heat but what about protecting your hair? Whether you are spending the day in the sun or using a heated tool to style your hair, protecting it should be on your mind. We all want to have our hair look amazing but in order to do that you need to keep it healthy. Not only can the sun and heat affect the color of your hair but it can make your hair brittle and cause split ends. The Certified Fabulous team members put a list together of a few products to help your hair beat the heat this summer and as a bonus leave your hair looking gorgeous! 




When thinking of protection from the sun one of my go to brands is Sun Bum. This brand was created to provide high quality sun care products formulated for people who live and love in the sun. One of the Certified Fabulous Teams favorite UV protecting spray is Sun Bum Beach Formula Sea Spray.  This help texturize and add volume to your hair but it also is UV protecting. This is a lightweight formula that will give your hair just the right amount of volume with a matte finish hold and will instantly block out the humidity that causes frizz. This spray is easy to use, just spray on towel dried or damp hair, and comb evenly through here. Next style with your fingers for the perfect look.  The sea spray is enriched with ingredients like Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt, Sea Kelp and Seaweed. It will make your hair look effortlessly gorgeous. This sea spray is paraben free silicone free, alcohol free, cruelty free and made in the USA. If you are looking to get the perfect beach wave without having to hop into the cold ocean this is also a great product to use to give you the beautiful looking beach waves. You can find the Sun Bum Sea Spray for $14.99 at



NIOS SHIELD is another brand that is there to help protect you from the sun. Their mission is to decrease the worldwide incidence of scalp skin cancer and to give you sexy hair. Sounds great doesn't it? There is NIOS SHIELD Leave in Conditioner with SPF 15 for scalp. This offers year round color and texture protection with a light and natural hold. It is formulated with SPF sunscreen, Vitamin E, and B5 to hydrate and nourish your hair, while the spf protects hair color and texture. The Moroccan argan oil helps tame frizz and leaves a healthy shiny glow. NIOS SHIELD also has Whipped Hair Gel with SPF 15. This also offers year round hair protection with SPF 15. It contians many of the same ingredients like Moroccan argan oil, vitamin E, and Vitamin B5 ensure vibrant and healthy hair while the built in SPF protects hair color and texture and scalp from sunburn. This is great if you are looking for something with a stronger hold.  Both are available for $26.00 which is available at




Theorie Heat Shield is designed to protect you from heat and is not an SPF. This product offers fabulous protection from the heat of our favorite styling tools and provides protection for up to 450 degree. This heat shield is formulated to calm frizz, while sealing in shine and blocking humidity for 24 hours. This spray is formulated with silk amino acids and Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract to preserve moisture and strength. Whether you are blow drying, straightening, curling or crimping your hair, this is a must to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.  You can apply the heat shield to damp or dry hair with your primary focus on the ends of your hair. It will leave your hair smelling amazing, and feeling healthy.  The Theorie Heat Shield is available at for $26.00.

We hope these products help you beat the heat this summer with beautiful looking locks. 

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