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Pampering That's Good for You and Mother Earth!

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Beauty products have never been known for being earth friendly (I think we can all admit that the amount of Aqua Net used in the 80's caused its own hole in the Ozone) so it's refreshing to find some all natural products that really do help make you look your best!

First, lets talk about two amazing natural additions to bath time: Dorey Aromatherapy Message in a Bubble and Plum Hill Sugar Body Scrub. I don't take baths very often, but with wedding planning, work, preparing for graduate school, and life in general, I've been experiencing my fair share of stress lately, and what's a better all-natural cure for stress than a bath?

I filled my tub with hot water and sunk in for a relaxing mini getaway. The Dorey Aromatherapy Message in a Bubble04262013 Dorey Aromatherapy Bath Fizzie Certified Fabulous is a bath bomb that I simply dropped in the water and the ball burst with fizzy fury! In just seconds my entire bath was a spa retreat. The gentle massage of the fizz loosened up my tense muscles and the rich smell filled my bathroom. The ball lasted for several minutes and once completely dissolved, a small laminated message floated to the top of the water. My message was a quote on strength and fearlessness from Audre Lorde, a writer and civil rights activist. I put my inspirational quote aside and enjoyed my enriched bath. After I dried off, my skin felt soft and rejuvenated.

04262013 Plum Hill Body Sugar Cranberry OrangeMy next Earth friendly bath treat was Plum Hill Sugar Body Scrub. I have the Cranberry Orange scented scrub and it smells fantastic! The scrub also comes in Coconut Lime and Island Woods, all amazing scents! The natural oils mean that the scrub doesn't smell chemical or fake, plus the oils leave your skin baby soft! I used this in the shower and, unlike some scrubs that dissolve in your hand, this had a nice thick texture that lasted. The oils left my skin moisturized and the scrub harmlessly exfoliated.

Now let's go outside the bathtub/shower. I have dry frizzy hair that sometimes, with enough product, 04262013 Curl Up and Shine Creme Use Me Certified Fabulouscan have soft curls. But I hate piling chemicals on to my hair everyday, robbing it of it's natural beauty. Thankfully, the amazing people of Use Me have figured out a natural solution! Use Me's Curl Up & Shine Creme is a gentle cream that you apply to wet hair, working your way from ends to root. As I worked my way up, I scrunched the tips of my hair and gently separated my curls with my fingers. Then I just let my hair air dry and it looked great! Everyone noticed my hair looked less frizzy and my curls were allowed to spring, not weighed down with product.

These 3 products prove that you don't need harsh chemicals to pamper yourself!




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Charlé is a self-proclaimed "Chic Geek". As a filmmaker, writer, and drummer, her interests and activities vary greatly. But whether shes on set or enjoying the local night life, it's vital that this geek always looks her best! When exploring beauty products and cosmetics, Charlé searches for practical items that don't sacrifice pop for simplicity.

SKIN TYPE: Normal to Combination

HAIR TYPE: Medium, think, fine, wavy

HAIR COLOR: Light brown

COMPLEXION TYPE: Light with freckles


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: Burt's Bees Grapefruit Lip Balm, NP Set: Day-to-Night Liquid Eyeliner Duo, Lush Dream Cream, Aveeno BB Cream, Giovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Cleanser & Scrub.


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