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No Commitment Necessary

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Well happy Friday fellow Fabulous readers. So this week we've all been discussing holiday trends.  This time of the year you can really find yourself in a daze with all the holiday parties and shopping.  Ever look in your closet and ask yourself, did i wear this dress last year to (fill in the blank's) party?  What happens if you did but you don't have any time to shop for a new dress?  What would any fashionista do?  Well when all else fails, you can jazz up any party dress with your stylish locks.

So I found this really cool hair die that is not permanant but is just as fun.  It's from Beyond the Zone and it's a Beyond the zone finalpowder that you simply just apply over your dry hair.  I couldn't resist but to try their Beyond the Zone: Pop Pink.  It's so much fun.  You can apply a lot or just a little bit.  It's so easy to add colored streaks or even completely dipped ends. Beyond the Zone offers a bunch of different colors so it's a guarantee to dress up any cocktail dress and add a little flare to any party.

Keep your holidays happy.

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SKIN TYPE:  Combination with a side of Mid-Day Glow

HAIR TYPE: Long, fine, with some body

HAIR COLOR: Brunette



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