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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

Listen to Music Solo or Socially with This Hot New Technology!

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How often do you wear headphones? How about on the train, bus, relaxing at home, jammin' at home, or just about anywhere? If you're seeking good, quality headphones, you'll love to check out Flips Audio!

I really wish I had these during college. It was necessary for me to have headphones when I was travelling on the train, especially if it was the Chicago CTA. I couldn't stand a commute without headphones. But when I got to my destination I was most likely hanging out with my college friends so the headphones came off and the music stopped. But if you have Flips Audio, that music can stay on all the time!

Flips Audio Solo2Social effortlessly flip from HD headphones to powerful speakers! Flip the headphones so the speaker part is on the outside and a blue light tells you it's in speaker mode. I love the concept of travelling speakers that double as headphones. I most likely don't have the space to carry too many things with me, and when I was travelling by plane to college, hauling speakers took up a good portion of the little luggage space I had. But I had to take music with me; to get through homework, take a break from the work, or get through a commute, headphones always had to be in my bag. I also kept a set of good speakers in my room, but if I wanted to bring the music out into the lounge, it was usually just from my laptop, meaning the music wasn't that loud and the sound wasn't quality. Flips Audio would have been my perfect solution!

Flips Audio White 3.12.14 Certified FabulousEven now when I'm out of college and commute by car, I still love using these headphones at home and they come with me and my laptop so that I have access to good speakers whenever I want. Switching rooms, you can easily bring these headphones/speakers with you so you can always listen to your music with good sound quality! Also, if I want to take them out on the go, they are light weight and fold easily into their egg shaped protective case!

If you're into the technical side of headphones, here are the Tech specs you need to know. 

SPEAKER TYPE                                                             CONNECTIVITY
Neodymium                                                                   3.5mm Jack

BATTERY TYPE                                                            CHARGING  
3.7V, 500mAH Li-Polymer Battery                    Micro USB 5V 500 mA

SPEAKER DIAMETER                                                FOAM TYPE
40mm                                                                               Memory

DISTORTION                                                                 IMPEDANCE

In order for the speaker side of the audio to work, you need to charge your headphones before using them. They work as headphones without being charged, but you will need to charge them to get the powerful speaker side of the Flips! 

So if you're into music & technology you will want to check out these headphones! Recognizing the need for good headphones & speakers in one, Flips Audio is a whole new experience!



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