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How to keep frizzy hair under control

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How to keep frizzy hair under control

Hey everyone this is Claudia again. This week is all about hair. I love that topic. In General I am frizzy hair finalpretty happy with my hair. It is very blond and wavy and long. What I don’t like about it is that it is very frizzy. Now that the winter is getting closer and the temperatures are dropping I feel like it’s a real burden on my hair. When I go to the gym and blow dry my hair just a few minutes,

I look like this lady on the left... Primrose frozen hair final


Unfortunately with the temperatures being at freezing point or lower I cannot go outside without at least drying my hair a bit or I would probably look like that lady to the right...


OK so I thought because I do not like either one of the icy and crazy looks above, I need to find something that will allow me to blow dry my hair and still keep it soft and manageable. My co-worker suggested using the Primrose hair conditioner and Detangler by Aubrey Organics. And I have to say it works great. I used it after my Shampoo and not only do I not get frizzy hair, it is also so easy to brush through it after I wash it. I love it. Wondering what made that product so amazing I looked at the ingredients and here is what I found out. Primrose Ingredients

So when Aubrey Organics says that in this product powerful anti-frizz ingredients come together to smooth out tangles, protect hair from breakage and heat damage and bring out a natural shine I have to say – yes, you are absolutely right. Try it out yourself and I am sure you’ll be surprised as well.

Have an amazing week!

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