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How does a peel off Mask Work?

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This week we dive into the wonderful work of face masks with this week's beauty brand Montagne Jeunesse! I was given the Passion Fruit Peel Off Mask and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to explain how this works.

How Peel off masks work is pretty neat.  Through ingredients like PVP, polyvinyl alcohol and other binders and polymers chemists are made to make peel off masks that range from a gel to a creamy paste consistency. PVP when is drys basically forms a thin layer on top of the skin., so when it is combined with the other ingredients, it is able to skin on the skin dry in such a way that it literally can be peeled off the face.  Most brands will add a multitude of other ingredients to the formula to give it brightening, detoxifying or hydrating. 

To use a Peel Off Mask you should

***If this is your first time using this mask ....patch test your mask on the inside part of your arm peel-off-mask

1. Cleanse the skin

2. Gently Pat your face dry

3. Pat apply a moderate layer of your mask, if the layer is too thin it will be difficult to remove.

4. Start at the jaw line and bring the mask up your face. 

5. Make sure to go around your Mouth, Nostrils and eyes, as to not block airways.  Also try not to get it in your eyebrows (not fun to pick out...)

6. Allow the mask to dry.  Most masks take 10 to 20 minutes. Some turn a different color when it is dry. Pat it with your finger for wet spots

7. when it is completely dry, starting with the jaw line start to lift the mask away from your skin. Very slowly and gently.  This should not hurt at all.

8. Continue to peel it away from your face up toward your forehead until it is completely off.

9. Once the mask is removed I usually like to rinse my face with warm water and then Pat Dry

10. Finish with applying your favorite moisturizer. 

TIP: Masks can really brighten the skin and can give you a bright illuminating look to your skin.  After to you try a mask on a night in (to make sure you are not going to have a negative reaction)  Try using it before you have a hot date, or before going to a reunion or wedding.

Have a great week.


*Mask graciously provided by Montagne Jeunesse

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