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Hot Designs Nail Art Pens + Your Imagination = Great Looking Nails!

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You're only limited by your imagination when working with Hot Designs Nail Art Pens.  The kit I have has six colors: Sparkling Silver, Paradise Pink, Crushed Berry, Hot Orange, Purple Pizzazz, and Lemon Yellow. Each polish color has two dispensing tips, one end has the standard polish brush, the other end has a fine tip for detail. The kit has step by step instructions to help with designs, a list of suggestions on how to avoid problems, and pins that are used to unclog the fine tip if necessary.

hot designs nail art kit certified fabulous

After reading the instructions I elected to practice before using the Nail Art Pens on my nails. In my case it took several attempts before I was able to make a design. I needed to get a feel of how hard/much to squeeze the bottle to get the desired amount of polish. I also needed to get a feel of the angle I wanted the fine tip at to allow me to make my design. Once I was comfortable with the Nail Art Pens the fun began! I followed the easy step by step instructions and was amazed at the results.

Imagination is the key to success as you build your designs. Placement of designs  and color choices can take your nails from ordinary to astonishing. I watched tutorials on YouTube and checked out web images for ideas on designs. When I was painting with Hot Designs Nail Art Pens I realized that no two designs needed to look the same. By using the same pattern and alternating with different colors I was able to produce designs that looked coordinated not duplicated. I started out with my base coat dry. When working with the Nail Art Pens it's necessary to allow the polish time to dry -  and yes, I use my hair dryer to speed things up! I applied a top coat to finish off the look. Hot Designs Nail Art Pens were fun to use and the outcome was awesome!

Remember to take time to enjoy life!


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SKIN TYPE: Combination / Mature

HAIR TYPE: Shoulder Length, Oily, Straight

HAIR COLOR: Colored Reddish Brown.

COMPLEXION TYPE: Fair with pink undertones. Prefers a cool color pallet.


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Suave Shampoo Mango Mandarin scent, ABBA’s Nourishing Conditioner – Leave-In Hair Moisturizer, Carmex 



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