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Have a pinky, girly Holiday

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Have a pinky, girly Holiday

Hey everyone it is Claudia again. This week is all about getting all of us into the spirit of Christmas. If you are not yet, I am sure you will definitely have a Christmas wish after you are done reading my blog. Let me tell you about the “Shower Trip” by Soap & Glory.SoapGlory tote

The first thing there is to say is that the products come in a beautiful girly pink tote. It was that beautiful that it disappeared in my house. Why that? Well, I have a one year old daughter that has the habit of misplacing things that she likes. So I went to get the shower trip tote this morning and couldn’t find it anywhere. After I looked everywhere for half an hour I found it in my daughters room. She had cleaned it out and her favorite teddy was neatly placed inside of it. Needless to say that she wasn’t too happy when I told her I had to take it to work with me. The look on her face was just telling me “But mom, it’s so pretty!”. And yes, it definitely is.

But that’s not all. After my first being impressed about how cute the tote is, I opened it and was amazed again. A sweet, flowery, very fresh scent arose immediately. The tote holds 8 very cute, pink and girly products. Included are:

-          - Clean On Me™ Shower Gel (75ml) 

-          - The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter (50ml) 

-          - The Scrub Of Your Life™ Body Scrub  (50ml) 

-          - Hand Food™ Hand Cream (50ml) 

-          - Calm One, Calm All™ Body Wash  (75ml) 

-          - Girligo™ Body Moisturising Mist (100ml) 

-          - Super-Colour Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss 

-          - And a super sudsy shower puff 

All of them come in just the right size for your Holiday trip!

Here are my favorite 2 of these 8 great products:

-  SoapGlory Body Butter SGD25        * The Righteaous Body Butter is very smooth and has a great fresh and flowery scent to it. When I applied it, it was almost like there was a thin layer on my skin that just kept it fresh and smooth. Its thick enough to use as a crème for your whole body. But it’s not heavy and feels very good!

-          * The “Scrub Of Your Life” Body Scrub doesn’t just sound amazing, that’s what it is. It feels like scrub of your lifeit gets into every single one of your pores and after a stressful day at work, that probably all of us have ones in a great while; this is just what it takes for me to get back my energy and feel refreshed.

These are just 2 of the 8 products. All of them are definitely worth trying. Unfortunately I cannot say anything else about the shower puff because even though I found the cute tote in my daughters room, she is still hiding the puff… Could there be a bigger compliment? :)

Toddler hiding


- Claudia



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