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Get Your Feet Ready for Sandal Season….prepare to be amazed!

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Some things in life are just worth sharing right? Even if it has the "OMG, that's gross!" factor. Baby Foot, deep skin exfoliation foot peel is so worth sharing because it works so incredibly well! I've tried hundreds of products and while so many of them provide great results, never before have I tried a product that had such visible results during & after use. Baby Foot is a single use foot treatment designed to remove dead skin cells from your feet using fruit acid & 17 natural extracts. The end result is baby soft, smooth & moisturized feet. It is painless, safe to use, effective; oh and yes, gross! 


Before I get to the gross factor, let me just explain how easy Baby Foot is to use. You simply open the box where you will find 2 plastic booties that contain a gel-like solution. Place a bootie on each foot and leave on for one hour (grab a book, or your lap top and relax). After one hour, simply gently rinse off the solution with soap & water and discard the plastic booties. That's it! In approx. one week, you will start to see how this amazing product works.


As you can see from the first picture, the bottom of my feet started to tighten after a few days and at first, I wasn't sure if the product was going to work. But then, after one week, things got ugly. The dead skin just literally started falling off. It may be tempting to peel off the skin yourself, but don't. Let the peel happen naturally. It only took a few more days for all the skin to fall off and I was left with beautifully soft and smooth feet. Note: Allow two weeks from start to finish. If you are planning a trip or are digging out the flip flops now, make sure you allow time for Baby Foot to work. You don't want your feet to be seen in public during the sloughing stage, trust me.

Baby Foot contains the following natural extracts:
Bladderwrack, Burdock Root, Lemon, Ivy, Horsetail Herb, Soapwort, Clematis, Orange, Calendula, Tree Plant, Sage, Meadowsweet, Grapefruit, Chamomile, Watercress, Apple & Camel Grass

For more information on Baby Foot or to buy, click HERE

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