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The secret is out...and it's F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.!

A Facial Toning & Firming System You Can Do At Home!

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Myo Essentials & Myotone Facial Toning System

They have some very nice products. I was able to try their cleanser Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser, Ginseng Mineral Toner, and Luminous Peptide Serum, Refreshing Anti Puff Eye Gel, Restorative Marine Moisturizer, Advanced Protection SPF 30.


Myo Essentials Skincare Line 9.26.13 Certified Fabulous

I’ll begin with my findings on the: 

Restorative Marine Moisturizer

The scent had a wonderful delicate aroma, fresh citrus marine scent almost like an ocean breeze.

My skin is normally very dry, this cream gave me the perfect amount of hydration. It went on smoothly, I used day & night. It has a combination of red algae & soybean oil, my skin-looked great it felt softer, plumper and smoother after just a few days.


Advanced Protection SPF 30

 This was a wonderful lightweight sunscreen blended perfectly with the Marine Moisturizer. I would recommend this for all skin types. Full spectrum UVA UVB

 Borage Leaf Foaming Cleanser

This was a very nice foaming cleanser. It gently removed my make up and SPF without drying out my skin. This cleanser has a blend of soothing ingredients borage, aloe, willow bark all of these combined gave it a wonderful pleasant scent.

 Luminous Peptide Serum

Another favorite, this felt great on my face. The combination of co enzyme Q 10, Japanese green tea vitamin C and natural oil derived from olives. Your skin will feel silky soft & smooth. Perfect alone or apply your moisturizer on top. 

Refreshing Anti-Puff Eye Gel

I love the packaging; it is a click roll on and dispenses just enough 1 or 2 clicks will suffice to circle both eyes.

I was pleasantly surprised how refreshing it felt around my eyes, the roller tip was perfect. The combination of green tea, chamomile, cucumber and licorice root will leave your delicate eye area feeling smooth and less puffy.

Ginseng Mineral Toner

Great spray bottle so easy to use it felt like a skin softener leaving my face soft and hydrated.

The blend of ingredients of ginseng, witch hazel, geranium and chamomile felt exceptionally cooling and soothing.  


Myotone Facial Toning System with the Myotone Conductive Gel

Myoton Facial Toning System

The Myotone Facial Toning System works the same way as a professional microcurrent device. It will help increase tone and facial muscle. 

 I have used several at home systems similar to this product. I have also had them done professionally. I do prefer non-invasive methods that give you results.

This system is like a work out, it takes time.

You need to apply the conductive gel to the probes & also all over your face.

This device delivers microcurrent impulses to strategic locations on the face, toning and strengthening the underlying network of muscles.


4 by 4 apply it for four seconds - repeat 4 times strategically around your face.

I recommend watching the video and reading the instruction book for proper use.

You can feel a slight firming I will continue trying this product to get more firming results.

Enjoy the journey!



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Hi Jamie, so glad you asked... I found my forehead and eye areas to be a lot smoother and brighter. Peptides as well as hyaluronic acid combined with anti oxidants ingredients all help to improve the skins tone and overall appearance. These patches are a unique Micro-Current delivery system. hope that helps


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