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Day 24: Sleigh Ride

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Now that it's Christmas Eve, you'll be thinking about all the holiday events and parties you went to. Did you enjoy the Holiday Season this year? Were there things you wanted to do but just couldn't quite find the time? A sleigh ride may be one of those things. It can be romantic, or fun, and a great way to enjoy the winter with some holiday flare around you. Even though it's Christmas Eve and you didn't quite make the sleigh ride, perhaps you can still enjoy one during the rest of the winter season! A sleigh ride gives you the chance to wrap yourself in luxurious warm fabrics and sit back and enjoy. You can feel like a Hollywood movie star all bundled up in your fur or faux fur. So to gain that luxurious style experience, choose loose fitting but soft fabrics. Layer and wrap yourself in longer pieces to make sure your legs and feet stay warm for the ride! 

Sleigh Ride style ideas:

24 Sleigh Ride Clothes

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