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Clueless About Eyebrows? Here are 10 Celebrity Tips for the Perfect Pair!

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Last week we had the privilege of speaking with celebrity make-up artist, Belinda Moss about taking care of our eyebrows!


Q: How do you find the right color to use when filling in your eyebrows?

A: I suggest going with 2 shades lighter than your natural hair color. If you select a color that is too dark, it makes your eyebrows appear harsh. 

Q: What type of product is best to use when filling in your eyebrows (cream, pencil, gel, etc)? 

A: I always use an angled brush with powdered eye shadow. There are some nice gels (Benefit has some good ones) however, I find that they sometimes start flaking. I prefer not to use a straight brush or pencil because it appears unnatural. If you do use a pencil, I advise you use very light and wispy strokes.

perfect eyebrow shape guide

 Q: How do you find where your eyebrow should start and end?

A: Your eyebrow should start straight above the corner of your eye. Don’t pluck past your inner eye! Then let the ends of your eyebrows go as long as possible. This hair is very difficult to grow back if you over-pluck the ends of your eyebrows.

Q: How do you find your arch? 

A: Go with your natural arch (usually at one o’clock or about quarter if an inch from your pupil). Remember to never pluck the top of your brow. This will give your eyebrow a curved appearance, and you really want a nice defined arch instead. 

 Q: How do you know what eyebrow shape will look best on you? Does face shape matter?

A: Work with what you have and try to keep your natural shape. You don’t want to get your eyebrow too thin. Also, stop using a magnifying mirror for shaping! It’s too unnatural. Once you look into a regular mirror you will notice that your brow is too thin (because it was magnified) & that you have over plucked ...not a good look.

eye brow threading

 Q: What is the most effective way to shape eyebrows (waxing, threading, tweezers, etc)?

A: I prefer tweezing and threading. You lose control with waxing (if the was drips, even a little bit, it can cause an issue).

Q: Is eyebrow shaping a service you should leave to the professional or is it just as easy to do yourself? 

A: If you have really bushy eyebrows, you can go to a professional to do your line, and then keep them clean yourself at home. Eyebrow maintenance is something everyone should learn how to do, even if you get your eyebrows done regularly.  If you already have neat eyebrows, feel free to create a look yourself at home! 

 Q: What are essential tools to maintain eyebrows at home?

 A: Good tweezers are a must. For a beginner, I recommend slanted tweezers from a good brand, such as Revlon. For myself, I use Tweezerman tweezers. Be careful if you decide to try them out, they are sharp! 

I also recommend a spooly brush (or a clean mascara brush). These brushes allow you to really get control over your eyebrow. 

And finally, dull eyebrow scissors.

eyebrow shaping tools tweezer

Q: How do you trim brow hair with those little brow scissors? Is it possible to cut too much? 

A: Dull eyebrow scissors prevent unnecessary stabbing, as well as provide control. Use your spooly brush to brush the hair up, and then glide your dull eyebrow scissors along the top. The dullness prevents cutting yourself or too much hair off. 

 Q: Is a brow brush really necessary? What’s it’s purpose?

A: I personally don’t like them, because I find them too soft. I prefer a spooly brush instead. Its ridges really grab the hair. Also, if you get make-up or gunk in your eyebrow, you can use your spooly brush to clean it out. A spooly brush can be your best friend!



Belinda Moss Certified Fabulous Eyebrows

 Belinda has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years. Her makeup and hair work has run the gamut from fashion to film, from the runway to the red carpet as well as to VIP's of corporate America. She has had the pleasure of working with a long list top celebrities in the television, film, music and entertainment industry including: Sting, Eva Longoria, Natalie Cole, Tracy Morgan,Paula Abdul, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Paul McCartney, Jerry Lee Lewis, Summer Sanders, Bill Gates and John Legend.

Belnda Moss was recently KEY hair & make-up for The 2012 presidentail Debate, "The Night Of Too Many Stars" on Comedy Centra,The Rainforest Fund concert with Sting and wife Trudie at Carnegie Hall, and Jason Mzar & Norah Jones for VH 1 Storytellers. Belinda is also head of the makeup department for America's Got Talent! Belinda Moss was the KEY Hair & Make-Up artist for the BIGGEST concert that has EVER happened in our life time: The 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief.

You can read more about Belinda and her work

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