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Clean Him Up this Holiday Season with Jack Black!

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Jack Black: Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

In the modern world, one of our greatest assets is our face. Its the first thing that people see when we say hello and the part of our body that people focus on when we speak. So why don’t we take the time to make sure it is clean and nourished properly? Not enough time? Not having the right product? The scientists at Jack Black have given us the perfect product for our face cleansing needs, their Pure Clean Daily Cleanser.

Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser sage aloe certified fabulous men grooming skincare

On first application, you will notice a light aromatic of spices and oils. The scent of sage is unmistakable in this product, yet also light enough it won't knock you over. As with most every Jack Black product, the cleanser has a supple and moisture rich texture that lathers nicely on the face as you rub it in. I personally noticed that the moisture rich lather was far nicer to my sensitive skin then other cleansers that use harsh astringents to clean out the pores of the skin and strip away oils. In fact, the Jack Black cleanser, didn’t feel like it was “stripping” my face of anything, but rather it was infusing nourishment into my skin while absorbing the grime from my pores. And after rinsing, my face felt clean and refreshed.

Some of my favorite products have come from the Jack Black line. Their series of products geared towards sensitive skin are rich with nourishing moisturizers and healthy oils. Because of this I was not surprised by the effectiveness of the facial cleanser that I was asked to try. This cleanser does an excellent job removing the daily grime accumulated over a long day working or playing. That alone earns it a place in my bathroom cabinet, but it’s the added skin nourishing formula from Jack Black’s scientists that keeps it there. I recommend this facial cleanser to anyone that has sensitive skin and are in need of a delicate daily cleanser. Further more, I encourage you to sample from the Jack Black line of moisture rich products… your skin will be happy you did.

Enjoy the Season!


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Nathan is a modern male that takes pride in his overall health and appearance.  Working in both the creative field of independent film as well as the fast paced world of IT, he works hard and values products that can keep up with his busy lifestyle.  Bouncing back and forth from the professional offices of the University of Maine and sets and streets of the Portland independent film scene, Nathan has always kept a close eye on grooming products for the modern male that allow him to look his best in any situation.   He applies his keen experience with these products to providing clear and helpful input to those fashion forward men looking for a little advice.

SKIN TYPE:Combination

HAIR TYPE: Short, thick, wavy

HAIR COLOR: Auburn Brown

COMPLEXION TYPE: Pale and Freckled.


BEAUTY ADDICTIONS: The One by Dolce & Gabana, Recover Bao-Balm Lip Therapy by Organic Male, Gillette Mach3 Sensative Razor, American Crew Defining Paste


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