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Can 24K Gold Improve Your Skin?

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Gold has beautifying properties, coined as the key to youth in ancient China. Royalty used gold to maintain their looks, applying it to their faces by using a roller.
 Historians have long maintained that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to enhance her captivating beauty. In ancient Rome, gold salves were used for of a variety of skin problems.

Actively using gold on your face activates electrons in the skin cells. Once activated, broken cellular connections are repaired and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines are diminished. Gold contains antioxidants that ward off free radicals, such as pollution and smoke which protect your skin from damage and stimulates regeneration, slowing the cellular process and prompting more blood to travel to the area on the body where gold is applied. It also evens out skin tone and reduces dark under eye circles, as well as reducing the appearance of freckles. Gold detoxifies skin making your skin look healthier! 

I had no idea that gold has such amazing benefits to skin and I probably wouldn't of ever thought about it if I wasn't introduced to OROGOLD Cosmetics! This luxury brand offers a whole collection of 24K gold anti-aging, beautiful skin treatments that I was more than willing to (and happy about) indulging in! 

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Bio-brightening skin tone moisturizer 7.3.13

All of the products sounded spectacular and the packaging is just so pristine that I had a hard time deciding who would receive what for their articles. I selfishly wanted them all! After carefully reading what each product's benefits were I dispersed them to the appropriate writer and I had in my possession the OROGOLD Cosmetics: 24K Collagen Renewal Serum and the OROGOLD Cosmetics: 24K Bio-Brightening Skin Tone Moisturizer

I first started to use the brightening moisturizer and applied it in the morning after my primer went on and let it set for a few minutes before makeup application. It was creamy and light, not heavy or greasy as most creams are. It left my skin perfectly hydrated and even diminished the rough patches my skin was developing around my jaw! I absolutely loved how well it blended into my skin and then made it feel so silky and fresh! I was kind of saddened how fast I fell in love with a $280 moisturizer! I must use this sparingly...but as I found out, a little goes a long way :) In time it reduces freckles, age spots and discoloration and I did in fact noticed how evened toned my skin was becoming as I applied this in the morning. The formula contains Gold, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to improve and illuminate skin tone and it easily became part of my daily skin care routine. All of that AND it contains SPF 30! 

Orogold Cosmetics 24K Collagen Renewal SerumMy next product I experienced from OROGOLD Cosmetics was the renewal serum. I LOVE serums and believe that they just absorb best into my skin and are perfect for a night treatment because it absorbs quickly and doesn't make my face feel sticky or greasy against my pillow case. I typically don't use them in the morning because it doesn't work too well with makeup application, but some have been know to surprise me. I haven't tried it but I think this collagen serum would be a great morning one because it absorbs in and feels smooth afterwards, no sticky feeling at all! This serum is intended to help restore the volume to the facial skin that has been lost by aging, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 24K Collagen Renewal Serum is formulated with 2 main ingredients: 24 Karat Gold and Beta-Glucan.

Beta-Glucan, which is extracted from the cell wall of oat kernels, has a number of benefits for the skin such as improved smoothness and fewer wrinkles. It is very healing and repairing to the skin, to include improving upon depleting collagen, increasing its stimulation and slowing the aging process. It felt great on my skin and I actually started using this on my décolleté and chest for enhanced appearance of my cleavage :) I put it on every night and I have seen great results! This too is something I must use sparingly as it cost $300 per bottle! Luxury at it's finest! I am excited to add this to my skin care collection and hope I don't run out anytime soon!

What product must you have no matter how much it cost??

Until next time...Keep On Being Beautiful You!

xxoo Jessica


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