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Beauty Treatments - When to DIY & When to Go to a PRO!

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Whether it's a laser or a lip gloss, it seems like you can buy any beauty treatment off a shelf these days. While the DIY optionsArticle Pictures are convenient and budget-friendly, there are some beauty rituals that are better left to the pros. Below, we've weighed the convenience, expense, longevity and safety of the top beauty treatments to determine when to get gorgeous at home and when to make the investment in seeing a professional.

FACIALDo It YourselfAt-home facials can be just as therapeutic as most spa treatments with the right mask and environment. On a budget? Use common ingredients right in your own home, like lemon, sugar, honey, avocado and cucumbers. Pinterest features many DIY facial recipes tailored to all skin types. So improvise your own spa and create the full experience right at home by lighting a few candles and playing some relaxing music. (

WAXING: Professional. At-home waxing is one treatment we definitely recommend leaving to the professionals! DIY waxing tends to leave unwanted stray hairs, and commonly causes burns and ingrown hairs. (Most waxers don't even wax their own bodies, instead they let a co-worker wax them!) Turn to the pro's at Uni K Wax Centers for this beauty treatment as they go extensive training, have their own unique proprietary all-natural elastic wax and provide the cleanest, fastest, painless waxing experience in the field. (

TEETH WHITENING: Do It Yourself. At-home toothpastes, strips, gels and trays can get teeth almost as white as a professional treatment. Try an over-the-counter whitener like Supersmile Ultimate Whitening System, as it's the most impressive at-home whitening kit to-date that combines the best selling Professional Whitening System. ($58,

SUNLESS TANNING: Professional. Because the streaks you notice the day after while sporting your new sun dress can be quite embarrassing. Visiting a professional is essential to obtaining absolute even color, not to mention it will last longer than one applied at home! Professionals can even add definition to your abs or arms by darkening certain areas, if desired. We recommend scheduling your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, to allow ample time for the spray to dry before showering and to avoid rubbing off on your clothes.

MANICURE: Do It Yourself. $15-$50 salon manicures can add up over the course of a year - and that's not even including tips! When it comes to a quick polish change we definitely recommend DIY to save a few bucks. A neat trick to avoid staining the skin around the nail is to apply a cuticle oil or cream like Sebamed Hand & Nail Balm before and after removing old nail polish. This multitasking gem will keep hands hydrated while keeping hangnails, cuticles and breakage in check, allowing for less frequent manicures. ($12.99, CVS, Walgreens and (



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