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Are You Using the Right Hair Products for Summer?

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Summertime is the best and worst time for people, such as me, who have naturally curly hair.  The humidity helps by making my super curly (the best of times), but also contributes to excessive amounts of frizz (the worst of times).  The only remedy for the worst of times is the right hair care products.  Thankfully KMS California has an entire line of wonderful products for curly-haired gals like me!

KMS shampoo and conditioner

KMS California Curl Up Shampoo and Conditioner are a top pick for curly-girl hair care.  The shampoo provides curl support and elasticity while hydrating the hair.  I found that this shampoo did a wonderful job cleansing my hair, and left no buildup after multiple uses.  It was not drying whatsoever, and smells amazing.   The conditioner also smells amazing, is thick and rich and super hydrating.  After using this dynamic duo in the shower, my curls were soft, bouncy and tangle free.  Just how I like them :)

KMS tame frizz

For added frizz control, I highly recommend KMS California Tame Frizz de-frizz oil.  This de-frizz oil gave my hair an super charge of shine, and eliminated frizz.  I used it in my still-damp towel dried hair after cleansing and conditioning.  I then let my hair air dry, and was amazed by the amount of curl definition I experienced, without having to use an additional styling product.  My hair was super soft, and because this oil is is extremely light-weight, I was able to go 3 days before shampooing again.  Typically if I use a styling aid (such as a mousse or gel) my hair feels gunky with buildup a day or so later, causing me to wash and wash again (not good for curly hair girls as it strips the hair of natural oils).

I urge all of my curly haired girls to check out KMS California’s extensive line of Curl products.  In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, they also offer a curling balm (energizes and defines curl), a control crème (shapes and bundles curls), a wave cream (enhances wave formation) and a bounce back spray (curl-activating spray for firm hold).  After using the shampoo, conditioner and de-frizz oil, I am excited to try out all of their curl products, as I'm sure they are amazing.




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