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Apple Season Brings You A New Fall Fave!

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As much as it kills me to admit it, winter will be her before we know it.  Once the thermostat is turned up, and the air dries out, my skin becomes a dry and flaky mess.  It doesn’t help that I wash my hands like an obsessive fool.  I was at my local spa last winter desperately needing a heavy duty  hand cream.  My aesthetician recommended BioExperience Iced Apple Elixir Hand Cream, and from that moment on I was hooked.

This exclusive hand cream is made from Cupuaçu Butter which has great water retaining quality providing superior long-lasting hydration for the hands.  This creamy and emollient butter promotes a pleasant touch. It lends smoothness and softness to the skin boosting recovery of natural moisture and elasticity. This butter is highly beneficial for dry and damaged skin, promoting deep, long lasting hydration. Its high water absorption capacity, due to its high phytosterol levels, makes Cupuaçu an effective butter in this delightful hand crème. 

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The Apple Cider helps fighting free-radicals and maintaining skin youth and elasticity. Apple Cider contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that, over time, aid in stimulating your skin to GENTLY exfoliate.  It does its work at the cellular level by encouraging cells to slough off on their own.  Many of us neglect to exfoliate our hands, but how else can you reveal the fresh smooth skin underneath?  Our hands age at the same rate as our face, I firmly believe.  BioExperience Iced Apple Elixir Hand Cream helps keep my hands soft and younger looking by not only moisturizing like a champ, but by exfoliating.  “Don’t let your hands tell your age”.

This product is not only amazing in its moisturizing/exfoliating results, but also smells so amazing.  I love the apple fragrance, so pretty and clean smelling.  Ive been using this hand crème for years, and will continue to do so.  The  1.6fl oz tube fits perfectly in my purse ( I have a second tube which sits in my desk drawer).  There are so many hand crèmes on the market, but like the amazing boyfriend who got away back in the day, I compare every hand cream to BioExperience Iced Apple Elixir Hand Cream, it’s a true winner.


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