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Achieve Orchid Bliss with This Hair Care Collection!

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I have naturally thin and fine hair and when you add in coloring, you’re left with a challenge to make sure my strands stay healthy. With that said, I try pretty hard to limit blow drying and hot iron use, but like any woman, I tend to switch up my look which inevitably includes this hot iron sorcery. So what’s a girl to do? Cue the entrance of Orchid Bliss Hair products by White Sands into my life to give my straw hair a boost of nutrients and a healthy look that I can shake my mane at.

The product line instructs you to use a quarter size of the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo lathered up quite nicely allowing me to get my whole scalp clean. I always let my conditioner sit in my hair for a few minutes and as soon as I washed the conditioner out my hair felt heavier, and in a good way.

Back when I had platinum blonde hair, it used to take my hair quite a long time to dry. My hairdresser attributed this to my constant dye jobs, meaning that the dye creates “holes” in your strands that hold more water. I’ve now gotten my hair to its natural color and taken a break from the dye jobs. Overall this has created more body in my hair and made it feel like it is now healthier. The Orchid Bliss hair products, if anything made this feeling more pronounced. I took my shower at night, allowing my hair to dry fully overnight. After my shower, I towel dried my hair and then applied the Orchids Oil to the ends of my hair. Surprisingly, my hair dried quite well while still maintaining moisture. When I woke up in the morning, instead of dried and kinked ends, my hair was silky smooth and extremely shiny. It was almost as if I had gotten an overnight oil treatment! Of course the product states that it “restores moisture, shine and softness to dry damaged hair” but this is one product I can say with confidence made a noticeable difference to my hair after use. The revitalizing shampoo and conditioner comes packed with sunflower oil, grape seed oil, carrot oil and ginseng extract. You follow that up with the Orchids Oil, White Sands being “one of the first hair care products incorporating the breathtaking oil from the orchid flower,” and you’ve got one awesome at home hair treatment.

Final thought is that I am a total fan of Orchid Bliss. I tend to use a lot of oil products to get that moisture to stay in my hair but this orchid oil did the job without making my hair too oily. As an added bonus, the Orchid oil smells amazing. All good things when we’re talking about our hair. 


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