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8 Sizzling Summer Beauty Essentials!

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Summer is just around the corner and I am SO excited (and lucky) to live by the beach, which I visit VERY often! Summer is my favorite season and as I get ready to live in my bikini I always need to do prep work to look polished and flawless while sitting in the sand. This year I found 8 essentials I will be turning to for help!

05082013 DHC Olive Body Butter

1) HYDRATION! A creamy treat that won't add calories but instead will quench skin's thirst and brighten moods! DHC: Olive Body Butter, which is new to launch and AMAZING! Give nothing but soft, floral hugs with this amazing body butter. It instantly hydrates your skin, leaving it with a soft sheen, not greasy at all! Packed with the powerful moisturizing powers of cocoa and shea butters, as well as olive, argan and avocado oils. It is not as hard as your typical body butter it is more smooth and easy to grab out of the jar, probably because of the oils it contains, making it the perfect consistency. It also has this amazing floral scent that is to die for! I feel so luxurious and flirty and girly when I put this on, I just adore it! The packaging is gorgeous with beautiful bright colors and the scent is sure to uplift any mood! Scented with Energizing green apple and makes me so eager for summer, the beach and sun! This is perfect for moisturizing after the beach or before a summer evening out or ideally right after the shower. This is perfect for the person who loves the beach or being outside, the person who loves the scent of flowers but not perfume, or any one that needs a special body hydration treat with dreamy, beachy, flowery mood enhancing scents. This is definately a must-have for summer...but for this you will have to wait until July 1st to buy!

05222013 LOreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator Light Certified Fabulous

2) Barely There Makeup! I am loving the fresh face makeup looks and I love how it has cut down on my getting ready time :) The one product to keep my face even toned and protected without feeling like I have foundation or heavy makeup on is L'Oreal: Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator! I use the light shade and it also comes in medium, both contain SPF 15 which is always nice to have makeup with sun protection, especially in the summer. It is very moisturizing and keeps my face nourished and hydrated all day! It blends in perfectly and looks so natural and feels so natural, like I never put anything on my face, which feels so great. When it is applied it has the same consistency as a face lotion so it just feels like I'm applying cream to my face and I just rub in until blended. Everyone is different when it comes to applying foundations, I always use my fingers no matter what it is. I have tried brushes and sponges and always have the best application when applied with my hands. Just be sure that you wash your hands before you touch your face! You don't want bacteria to get on your face and clog your pores, eww.

05222013 City Cosmetics City Lips Certified Fabulous

3) A Voluptuous Pouty Pucker! Day or night, makeup or no makeup...the one necessity that should be in makeup bags is lip gloss! It is a quick way to upgrade your look in the blink of an eye. It conditions your lips and keeps them moisturized and looks good with everything! Colored or clear City Lips has your...errr...lips covered! Not only does it gloss your lips but it will pump them UP! It not only will give you instant lip plumpage, but within 30 days it will give you long term results that will have people guessing if you had work done or not. Just 10 minutes a day application is the minimum needed to obtain results, the more you use the better it gets! If your going to use a lip gloss anyway, why not use one that give you added benefits! 

05222013 Manna Kadar Lipstick Saucy Certified Fabulous

4) Bold Lip Action! The heat is rising and so are you lips...make them red hot this summer by choosing a bright color that will have you stand out from the crowd. Depending on your skin tone you can rock the hot hues of Red, Pink or Orange! My lip of choice is the bright pink, high gloss Saucy color from MANNA KADAR cosmetics! The nude face makeup look might be in but we have this one secret weapon to instantly transform our look from day to night...beach walker to night crawler...sweet to sexy...okay you get the point, right?  Last year I searched high and low for this shade of pink and thankfully it is back in style this season because I was not willing to give up these sexy bright lips! Lipstick just always makes me feel like a sexy woman and who doesn't like to have that self-confidence behind them when they mix and mingle it up on the warm summer nights?! The brand even reassures us with their long last lip color promise, "Lipsticks are enriched with vitamin E which has soothing and healing properties and are created for a long-lasting wear throughout the day."

 05222013 Mariah Carey Perfume Dreams Certified Fabulous

5) A Dreamy Scent that Won't Be Forgotten! Dreams by Mariah Carey is a new fragrance that is perfect for summer days or nights and is not over powering or too faint, but a perfect mix of floral decadence with a dash of sweet, mouthwatering fruits. Floral Gourmand – The combination of salted caramel apple, honeysuckle and Madagascar Vanilla creates an unforgettable scent, celebrating the many stages of life and evoking intimate memories. Top note tones: Bergamot, Salted Caramel, Apple, Toasted Almonds, Star Anise. Mid note tones: Freesia, Honeysuckle, Muguet. Base note tones: Tonka Bean, Madagascar Vanilla, Patchouli, Warm Musk.

05202013 Michael ORourke Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder

6) Fresh & Clean Hair...or at least make it look like it is! Summer life is unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for anything! It's a drag to go to the beach all day sweating it out in the sun and suddenly get invited to a bonfire party that is going on right now...but your hair smells like you ran a marathon and is slicked back like a Greaser from the movie Grease! What can you do?! With no time to shower Rock Your Hair: Big Hair Bombshell powder is going to be your BFF! You can either shake some of the powder into your hand and apply to the roots, or any oily patches and massage in until fluffed up and the powder is absorbed and not visible. Or you can shake directly into your hair and do the same thing to spread around and lift your hair, giving it a refreshed clean look and smell, because it also has an incredible "just washed" scent. It is SO easy to fake a polished look in no time! This is also a camping trip MUST HAVE!     Michael ORourke Rock Your Hair Miracle Leave-in Conditioner certified fabulous


7)A Powerful Salty Beach Hair Detangler! Rock Your Hair also will be a lifesaver with their Miracle Leave-In Hair Conditioner. Spending longs days at the beach, camping, skiing on the lake or spending the day at the amusement parks can all leave your hair a salty, wind-blown, bed-head, water tangling mess! Spritzing all over to tame tangles and replenish moisture and shine creating stronger and healthier hair.  Soy, wheat and oat proteins reinforce hair from shaft to ends, so use as needed! This also smells amazing and for sure will divert any hell raising bad hair days!


05222013 Unite Beach Day Texturizing Spray Certified Fabulous8) Beautiful, Bouncy Beach Waves! Who doesn't like the look of carefree summer hair that looks like you just woke up perfect? If your not able (or willing) to dunk your head in the salty ocean to create soft summer waves then you need to pick up some BEACH Day Texturizing Spray from UNITE. It can be used on dry or damp hair and will help you achieve beach hair in seconds without the beach. This is my bestie when I wake up late...which is a lot...and have a crazy hair mess...which is a lot. My hair is a little wavy...mostly frizzy, so this is the perfect solution for me to just spray in and tousle around, or scrunch together. Bed-head hair turns into beach hair with no effort. I even received a compliment about my hair looking perfectly wavy like "beach hair" and that is when I knew I had a winning product in my summer prep kit :)<

That concludes my summer prep kit overhaul.

What is your summer prep secret weapon??

Until next time... Keep On Being Beautiful You!

xxoo Jessica

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