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5 Holiday Gifts Sure to Please Anyone on Your List!

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 If your still shopping or haven't started (like me...eek!) then you will be interested to read on and find out what gifts I discovered for various likes and types of people...there might be the perfect item in this list :) Your welcome...

1) The Cat Lover / Animal Lover - Paul & Joe Beaute: Limed Edition Eye & Cheek Color Set 

Inspired by notes of decadent gingerbread, these sweet and spicy hues create a shimmering look that will melt away the snow and make you the star of any holiday party! If you are shopping for a cat lover this is a must for your list! The makeup bag is so adorable with 3 beautiful cats and the product are creatively decorated with the blusher stick even shaped in a cat head! How can anyone resist? Check out our Instagram picture HERE (we couldn't help ourselves!): 

Comes in 2 sets, Sugar & Spice and Gingerbread. Each set comes in a cute cat-print pouch, complete with a warm wintery eye color duo, eye gloss to give you a touch of holiday sparkle, and a blusher stick for that rosy by-the-fire glow. 

Sets include: • Eye Color Duo • Eye Gloss • Kitty Blusher Stick

2) The Detailed Diva - Eve Pearl: Invisible Finish Powderless Powder

invisible-finish-powderless-powder-eve pearl certified fabulous beauty makeup gifts diva skincare

A “must-have” revolutionary skin balancing transformer with treatment that leaves a silky feel. A single sweep of this non-greasy powderless powder skincare will smooth rough texture, mattify, absorb oil, blur enlarged pores and even out skin tones all while allowing skin to breathe.

Unlike traditional powders, Invisible Finish can be applied before or after foundation, blush or other makeup. All that and its Oil Free, Paraben Free and Petrolatum Free! 

For the makeup diva that likes to perfect the details of a makeup look, this is for them!


3) The Art / Craft Hobbyist (Or 1990s obsessed person)The 1990s Coloring Book: All That and a Box of Crayons (Psych! Crayons Not Included.)

1990s Coloring Book

These coloring pages feature the off-the-hook movies, dope TV shows, all-that music, and rad fashions that made the 1990s the best. So grab your scented markers or neon crayons and add your own flair to these flashes from the past.
Packed with mad-fly drawings and awesome trivia about every aspect of that epic decade, The 1990s Coloring Book is da bomb-diggity. Word to your mother. 

Coloring allows anyone to become an artist and create your own artworks. Simple in nature and with little creativity, anyone can color a masterpiece, regardless of artistic training. I find it a great stress reliever because it's pretty much a mindless activity and it's fun to just create something using not much time at all. 

Not just for kids, this coloring book makes a great gift for anyone that has lived in the 90s and it is hilarious to see flashback characters from Saved By The Bell, Family Matters, Jerry Springer along with popular 90s toys and phrases! When this came into the office we all flipped through every page, laughed, and enjoyed each illustration. Very amusing :)

Can be purchased at 

4) The Spiritual / Romatic Fantacy Seeker / Dreamer - Mood-Factory: Mood-Lites

Mood-Lites Passion

If you know someone that likes to set the mood with lighting or create an environment based on lighting then you will want to to add this to your gift list! Mood-Lites is a product based on the sense of sight, and specifically, in regards to how colors affect how we feel. People need the ability to instantly change their lighting to suit their mood or to indulge their spiritual, artistic or decorative side. The line comes in colors such as: Happiness (yellow); Energy (Orange); Passion (red), Renewal (green); Serenity (Light Blue); Sassy (Pink); Creativity (Purple) and Tranquility (Deep Blue).

Chicago-based Kathryn Goetzke, President, Mood-Factory founded the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred),, to shine a positive light on depression and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease through prevention, research and education. Its goal is to ensure 100% of the 350 million people affected by depression seek and receive treatment. 

They are sold in a variety of bulb types, but I experienced the Passion (red) light in the 13-Watt (60W) Spiral Medium Base. I put it in a wall lamp in my bedroom and when I turned it on my whole bedroom was covered in red light! It was awesome! I put it on when I watched movies on my laptop in bed and even when I was just relaxing in my room because I loved the look of it so much. I would love to collect more of the colors I liked it so much! It did effect my mood, it really just made be feel relaxed and at ease...I guess that could be good for a passion light, hah.  

You can easily purchase these at Lowe's hardware store!

5) The Makeup Artist / Girly Gadget Fan - TEMPTU: Exclusive Patricia Field Signature Kit

TEMPTU Exclusive Patricia Field Signature Kit certified fabulous airbrush makeup beauty

Celebrate the transformative power of fashion and beauty with our Patricia Field Signature Kit. 


  • AIRbrush Makeup System 2.0 with Patricia Field GelaSkin - Martine Girl.
  • 1 AIRpod Foundation
  • 1 AIRpod Blush (Patricia Field recommends AIRpod Blush in Hot Pink)
  • 1 AIRpod Highlighter (Patricia Field recommends AIRpod Highlighter in Champagne)
  • 3 Pod Stand (Bonus item!)
  • Signature Clear Makeup Bag (Bonus item!)


If you haven't tried TEMPTU or need a good airbrush starter kit, this is it! Perfect for the makeup lover, anyone that is a makeup artist (or striving to be one) or any girly girl that loves gadgets, this gift will be a winner for sure! Most makeup artists in the business have to use airbrushing techniques at some point for body and SFX, this is a great learning tool! Plus the design of the kits are SO cool :) Comes in two designs: Martine Girl and Lips on Fire. LOVE this!!!

Good luck gift shopping & don't forget to Keep On Being Beautiful You!

xxoo Jessica

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Jessica is a lifelong beauty product aficionado and the Certified F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S resident trend-hunter. As a social media maven and actress, she maintains a constant awareness of the ever-evolving beauty industry.  Jessica has held various community relations positions in the United States Air Force, and was tasked with boosting base morale and hosting distinguished visitors during her Middle East deployment and also worked in the Guest Relations department for the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens, one of the largest complexes of its kind in the country.  Her weekly trend updates are as varied as she is and register with women from all walks of life.

SKIN TYPE: Combination/ T-Zone Oily

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HAIR COLOR: WAS very black…NOW platinum blonde. My natural color is a medium brown brunette J

COMPLEXION TYPE: Fair with pink undertones. Prefers Cool Color Pallets for Makeup.


ADDICTION: Carmex Lip Balm, CoverGirl lash blast mascara in Very Black, J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Lotion, PUR Minerals Foundation, CVS Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Gel, Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, Too Faced: Pretty Rebel Makeup Palette, DDF Revolve features Jessica Jacques as a beauty advice presenter in a series of web videos! Watch the videos by clicking HERE!



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