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How Do Blotting Papers Work?

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Blotting papers are quite simple. They are simply made from a pulp/ paper of some sort and have a powder on them to help oil absorption. You take a one of the papers from the package and simply press it to your face gently to absorb excess oil.

What is nice about  most of them is they come in small compact little packages that fit in your purse, and can be pulled out and used when needed.  This particular type of product is used by people who tend to have more oily skin types.  I myself am a normal/ combination skin type, but there are definitely times when I feel oily and then I have my go to, especially for the "around the nose" area for me...

I was recently introduced to Palladio Rice Paper Blotting Tissues.   I am a big fan of rice and the benefits as a part of your diet and skin care.  So Jessica told me to try them :)  They are great!  They have a rice powder coating on top of a rice paper, they are nice and soft, absorb the excess oil right away and do not leave you with powder marks all over your face. 

Their directions are as follows: "Use to blot off excess oil that causes skin blemishes. The Matte side (without powder) is for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the powdered side is for finishing."

Simple and fast way to keep your face looking great.

Happy blotting!


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